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local computer.

You can connect through Internet/Intranet network with the TCP/IP protocol.

Simpleipcexpress lets you host unstable code in a separate process.

If there's a memory leak or process crash, your main application, such as IIS, isn't affected.

It's ideal for working with legacy COM components.

You can write your server code.

Main features: 1) 8x Digital zoom 2) 45 Degrees PAN (depends on camera) 3) 45 Degrees tilt (depends on camera) 4) Control from your keyboard (keypad) (move left/right/up/down, zoom /-) 5) Works with any webcam application 6) Allows.

Modern software must be more than secure, it must be unbreakable.

No home-made solutions, nothing like that.

The proven way is complete power of standard-based software components which offer you unprecendented level of security of your information!

Voicent Agent Dialer is a semi-automatic computer-to-phone dialer.

It assists marketing or sales people for telemarketing campaigns.

It can rapidly dial a phone number by pressing a key or clicking of a mouse.
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