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Artist Information, cameron.

Smith - Cameron started his glassblowing career in the Spring of 1975 at Palomar College in San Marcos,.

After building and working in his own studio he persued and received his.F.A.

Degree at Cal State Univerisity at Fullerton in 1988.

Mail Cameron directly At: Jan Thomas - My love affair with glass began in 1970 when I cut the glass for what would be my first leaded window.

Since then I have cut it, leaded it, foiled it, fuse-cast it, hot- poured it, blown it, polished it, sand blasted it and assembled it with other materia.

Glass is an endlessly versatile material which hasn't disappointed me yet.

The lively dance of glassblowing, the immediacy of the process, continues to inspire and challenge.

I studied with Bill Boysen at Southern Illinois University- Carbondale from 1987, receiving.F.A.

Degree in 1992, founded the Douglass School Art Place with Gretel Chapman in 1993, and the dlass Hot Shop with Cameron Smith in 2000.

If youve been following the news today you might have heard about the massive earthquake that rocked Japan.

8.9 on the Richter scale.

Below was an email that was sent into us by the cwta and their partner the Mobile Giving Foundation.
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