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The latest in national and international news, politics, ideas and culture delivered with smart analysis from Times reporters and editors all in 60 seconds.

On the Docket: Is a Judge a Politician?

From Particle Physics to the Pentagon.

What the Climate Accord Could Change.

Mitch McConnells Path to Victory, the Comment That Reset a Race in Georgia.

A Push for Black Votes in North Carolina.

Going Viral and the Iowa Senate Race.

How Outside Money Plays Big in Alaska.

How the Election Could Go Into Overtime.

Uneasy Allies in the Fight Against isis.

Robots That May Help Fight Ebola.

Why Ebola Got Its Own Czar.

En cifras, constituyen una nfima muestra de un rcord que nunca debi alcanzarse, el de 27,16 de desempleados en Espaa.

Su valor es que estos 60 hombres y mujeres, de todas las edades, sectores y niveles de educacin, han accedido a mostrar en video sus temores y esperanzas.
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