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Rihanna sextape

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Rihanna sextape
, people!

Ha, we should thank the iCloud gods because they have given.

Amber Heard's dirty little video, too!

Wow, these celebrities can't keep their shit on lockdown.

Well, this film was supposedly released by a man in Barbados who had a summer fling with the work singer.

And damn, did she do work on him!

It looks like Riri and mystery man were on a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean.

Scroll down FOR THE full tape.

Snapshot from the naughty tape!

Riri's ass in the air.

Other good news is that Riri just recently broke up with Drake.

Sources say the rapper is hot broken and trying to focus on other women to distract him from the drama.

Fortunately, Rihanna seems to be doing well and hasn't said a peep about the tape!

Drake on the other hand must be dying over the leak making headlines again.

Anyway, back to this fantastic news!

The alleged tape has been reviewed by many Riri enthusiasts and most people believe the very curvy woman in the film is definitely the singer.

Although, of course, there are always skeptics who think otherwise.

If it is not her, then it must be her fucking twin lost at birth!

That ass is undeniably the same shape and size as her's.

We'll let you decide what you think though.

Enjoy watching the action below!
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