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Transform anything and everything from boring to brilliant with the simple use of glitter!

I especially like the idea of incorporating it into a glitter photo shoot, and with the right light, blowing glitter makes for fairy-tale-like photo opportunities. .

Every little girl needs her day to shine!

These would make for really cute party.

You should show this 20 inch bong for 12:37, then you say: But i dont play video games, i play PC games 12:37, if its your hobby and passion she os totally incorrect and wrong but.

I wasted half my life smoking weed playing wow, later on u will regret playing too much.

When ur career is going down and u have to start living on your own.

Active spending free time is always better for your cardiovascular system and brain.

Watching tv - brain goes numb Playing games (action/competitive) - better reflexes, better eyesight and health These old people will always talk shit about new things, but gaming is actually quite good for you.

If you do something too much, it hurts you, but if you do too little, its also not good.

On the other hand, if you wnat to become pro, you need to play more than others.

12:42 she is right, playing after 16 is a waste of life 12:42 bro, here a tip, iam old boomer 29 years old, dont put much time into it, chances are fucking low to becoma a progamer.

Just invest money and time and books and education and be sucessful in life.
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